2000 May Day Project

Rented a large mobile message board, normally used for traffic control, and towed it around downtown San Francisco displaying messages questioning capitalism. A Together We Can Defeat Capitalism Project. Total cost $1000.

2000 Whitney Biennial Exhibition

Purchased the domain name, and created an alternative Whitney web site by copying portions of the official Whitney Biennial web site (at, and reposting the altered portions on my web site. A Together We Can Defeat Capitalism Project. Total cost $500.

2000 Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas

Purchased the domain name, and created an alternative Bellagio Art Gallery web site by copying portions of the official Bellagio web site (at, and reposting the altered portions on my web site. A Together We Can Defeat Capitalism Project. Total cost $500.

1999 A Strategic Alliance - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

As part of the Bay Area Now art show, prepared and mailed a card announcing the recent strategic alliance between Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Chevron, and Arthur Andersen (both major funders of the Center). Cost about $200.

1999 Three Mumia !!!!!!

Designed and installed several billboard pieces illuminating the case of Mumia Abu Jamal and the futility of meaningful political dialog in an image saturated environment. The cost of the project was $100.

1999 San Francisco Art Commission - Art in Transit

Commissioned with Amy Berk to produce 24 bus-shelter posters for the City's public art program for display from January through March. Total cost of project $8000.

1999 Mayor Willie Brown - The Public Trust

Produced a life-size poster of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown proclaiming that "Together We Can Defeat Capitalism", and pasted it up around San Francisco as part of the "Public Trust" exhibition at Intersection for the Arts. Total cost of project $200.

1998 Capitalism - Stops at Nothing

Inserted a controversial image into the program of the platform video screens of San Francisco Bay Area’s Rapid Transit system (BART). The aim was to create a dialog on the contradictions of late 20th century capitalism - and have some fun too. Total cost of project $1000.

1998 Vague Reach - Installation - Zone 1

Created art from the asbestos abatement activities in the lobby of my office building at 100 Pine Street. Took photographs of the scaffolding, made postcards and promoted it as an art piece. Total cost of project $150.

1997 - 1999 Pipeline Leak - Elmira

Prepared plans, cost estimates and schedules for the clean up of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from a cross-country pipeline leak. The work has involved the preparation of six major reports for the regulatory agencies. Project budget $1million.

1997 - 2000 In Your Dreams - Citybank

Created an advertising campaign for my own bank , Citybank [sic]. Large print ads were displayed around San Francisco resulting in a threat of legal action from Citibank™. At the Revolutionary Art Factory, I ran a booth where people opened Citybank accounts. Budget $5000.

1997 - 2000 Together We Can Defeat Capitalism - TWCDC

TWCDC is a loose collection of people who undertake stunning and controversial anti-capitalist projects throughout San Francisco. Projects include "The Revolutionary Bat Government in Exile", "Outdoor Systems of Domination", and a major exhibition at SFMOMA in August 1997. Budget $200/month.

1995 - 2000 Groundwater Project - Ontario

Major ongoing involvement in the cleanup of a 2 mile long plume of groundwater contaminated by a former General Electric plant. Involvement has included evaluation of remedial alternatives, engineering design, and project management. Currently responsible for interfacing between the project and groundwater agencies in the area. Estimated project cost $30 million (over 30 years).

1995 The Postmodern Prometheans – New Langton Arts

A public performance at New Langton Arts investigating parallels between Frankenstein's motivations and those of contemporary researchers in artificial life and artificial intelligence. Total cost $200.

1994 An Artificial Life – San Francisco State University

A mixed media installation including real-time computer image manipulation, and photographs, Leo Stillwell Show, SFSU, December 1995. The work investigated how we are formed by the technologies we invent. Budget $2000.

1993 - 1994 Arsenic Remediation – East Palo Alto

Project at a Superfund site. Produced remediation design drawings and supervised innovative in-situ and ex-situ treatment of thousands of tons of soil contaminated with arsenic. Total project budget $15 million.

1991 - 1992 Slurry Wall – Silicon Valley

Worked with a team on the design and construction of a thirty foot deep slurry wall to corral a volume of contaminated groundwater under a former silicon chip manufacturing plant. Budget $100,000.

1990 - 1991 Urban Reservoir Design - London

Managed a team of engineers in the replacement of two large brick Victorian reservoirs in central London. Nearly 200 hundred engineering drawings were produced. The new reservoirs were constructed in 1993 at a cost of $25 million.

1998 - 1990 Eastern Region Water Supply Project - Nepal

Supervised the design and construction of 6 rural water supply projects in remote villages. An important part of the project was working with a Nepali counterpart. Responsible for the disbursement of aid funding on behalf of the UK government. Cost of each project approximately $100,000

1987 - 1988 Bomb Shelters - Yorkshire

Supervised construction of massively reinforced bomb-proof aircraft shelters. Awarded honorable mention in the Institution of Civil Engineers photography competition for a picture of the shelters under construction. Cost of project unknown.

1986 Water Supply - Iraq

Involved in a feasibility study for a major new water supply for the city of Basrah. The work, conducted during the Iran/Iraq war, involved extensive collaboration with government agencies. Our hotel was bombed by the Iranians just after we left. Estimated cost of preferred alternative approximately $100 million.

1985 Soda Ash Production - Africa

Performed reconnaissance of remote areas of salt pan in the north of Botswana for initial assessment of soda ash production potential. Supervised drilling of investigatory boreholes and water wells. Cost of environmental degradation immeasurable.

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1979 Hardwick Memorial Prize for Physics

1982 Bachelor of Science, Engineering

1991 Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK)

1991 Chartered Civil Engineer

1996 Leo Stillwell Fellowship

1997 Master of Fine Arts

2000 Art Council Award


Summary of Specific Skills