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Mod idea

Ever since I started playing video games, I've been waiting for game developers to create a game that has multiple paths to take and multiple endings. For some games, it seems so unreal and so unlikely that one story would end one way. If I created a mod, I would most definitely want to focus my attention on a variety of outcomes depending on what decisions the player makes while playing. This would open the possibilities of "winning" through many methods, failing, or uncovering a new side of the story.

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The original Crono Trigger for the Super Nintendo was the first console game to truly give the player multiple endings. You can go through the game collecting everything, leveling up, and making allies, or you can go strait to the boss... it's your choice. Check it out.

Andy Cox:

Chris - thanks for the game lead. I'll check it out one of these days.

The notion of "non-linearity": what it is, and how we can achieve it in games and movies is a huge topic in writing on interactive media. Games have promised much, but in general have not delivered. One of the best in recent years is the Idnigo Prophecy which really tries to tell an exciting story while giving the player choice and the ability to play and create the story from the perspectives of different characters. Ulitmately, the story is fairly linear but it's a step in the right direction. Another question that I ask myself is why do we want multiple endings and choice in games? Isn't there enough of that in our own lives, or, maybe not.

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